Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Ford Sierra cosworth 4x4

Sellers Comments
sierra cosworth 4x4 in flint grey

Good condition, dash isn't cracked like most , full black recaro leather 
red top engine.
car isn't far from standard which i believe is the best way to have these cars, only upgrades are air filter and ally radiator, ,stainless exhaust..

Now to save everyone's time I'm going to be honest this car is nearly classic, 3 years it will be 30.. So let's face it there will be things that need doing.:

- front bumper sags slightly 
- front uj knocking 
- door locks stick because of handle on passenger side sticking but if you pull the handle inside it sorts it 
- she's had 17 owners 
- 125000 miles 
- no service book was told it would be forwarded once found but this never happened although I have a healthy folder of receipts etc.. 
- 1key 

Apart from the above which I'm being totally honest with she's a lovely car, paints nice all round but she does have the odd scab of rust on the underside of the arches..

MOT was carried out recently and passed 

anyway i could talk all day but i bet I'm still not answering your questions so best thing is if you're serious contact me.

these are only going one way in the market and its a massive investment for someone to buy a cosworth now, . I've priced the car to sell, and given the market I've priced it very fair so don't be silly and make daft offers of 8k because I'd rather keep it... I won't take any less than 10.5k for her. Sorry but that's what she's worth to me , regardless if you agree with me.

im a genuine ebayer, only selling as I'm investing in to bricks.

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